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Trivia Night Is Coming!

Trivia night 2018

There is limited space so register now!

Monarch tavern

Thank you to the Monarch Tavern for hosting our event!

About Trivia Night

All It Takes is proud to host their 4th Annual Charity Trivia Night at The Monarch Tavern. We recognize that there are so many fantastic charities to support but we wanted to focus on making a difference here in Toronto. However, instead of us picking the charity that will benefit from the night, we are leaving that up to you. Each team will pick their Toronto-based charity to support, and then engage in a battle of wits hosted by our Trivia Masters Ben Joseph and Paul Schmidt! The winning team’s selected charity will be the recipient of the night’s proceeds. So come join us at The Monarch Tavern, enjoy a beverage and put all of those (before now!) irrelevant bits of information rattling around in your brain to good use!

(For a list of Toronto-based registered charities, click here.)

What Is All It Takes?

All It Takes is a group of like-minded friends looking to do what we can to make a difference in the world, in whatever way, small or large. We figured “All It Takes” is a bit of drive to get over complacency, and really do something that matters. Through simple actions we can kick-start change.

Mission and Vision

All It Takes aims to help people see that they, as individuals, can make a difference in solving the world’s problems. Our mission is to create events that raise awareness and proceeds that will go towards helping sustainable programs locally and worldwide.

Previous Events

The last three Charity Trivia Nights were sold out and raised a total of $9500. The winning teams chose to donate the proceeds to the Covenant House (2017), Jays Care Foundation (2016), Alzheimer's Society Toronto (2015) and Hospice Toronto (2015).

In 2014 we ran a 30 day microdonation campaign that raised $1428. Through our partnership with the Global Volunteer Network, the money was sent to the Shining Stars Children's Home in Nepal, and was enough to send 2 orphans to college for one year.

Ben Joseph - Our Trivia Master
The Red Scarf by Tim Okamura

Teams talk strategy at The Monarch Tavern
The Joy and Anguish of Trivia Night
2017 Winners

About Us

Kevin Okamura

Kevin Okamura is a downtown Toronto-based physiotherapist and the lucky husband of Melissa Shah. “I start to feel a little restless just doing the regular weekly work gig, as I know there are many other issues and problems in the world that need to be addressed. I was attracted to the idea of expanding the difference I could make in the world, so my involvement with All It Takes is a natural fit.” Kevin is excited to see how a few committed people can actually bring transformation to the world, and he still finds time to cheer on his hometown Edmonton Oilers.

Melissa Shah

Melissa Shah is a family physician in Toronto. Originally from Edmonton, she relocated to Toronto in 2011 with her husband Kevin, in hopes of escaping the harsh prairie winters. In addition to working at her practice and enjoying many other interests, Melissa wanted to find a way of creating a bigger impact in her community. Aware of the many challenges and disadvantages that so many people in Toronto face, she became involved with All It Takes to help transform the city.

Roslane Aouameur

Roslane “Ross” Aouameur is an investment banker in New York. Fortunate to have grown up in Canada’s best city, Montreal, Ross moved to New York after completing his undergraduate degree. To balance the long hours spent crunching numbers and other excitements of the Big Apple, Ross sought to give back to people after being lucky enough to have received most of his life. The idea of being able to kick-start change and promote sustainability with simple actions and time soothes his constant itch for peace in the city that never sleeps.

Andrew Joe

Andrew Joe is lead developer and founder of AJO Consulting based in Toronto. He is passionate about music, sports, and fitness and spreads his time amongst a variety of interests. He greatly enjoyed the educational opportunities he was afforded and is excited to help create similar opportunities for others. He believes deeply in the difference one determined person can make in the world, most especially in an age where people all over the world can share their knowledge and pool their resources with ease.

Past Members

Wil Carlos